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Over the past few years, our servers provided by Verio, Inc. have grown to become the clear leader in Web hosting with nearly 380,000 customers in over 120 countries around the world. No small accomplishment, to say the least. We owe our success to  hard working employees and an undying commitment to providing the fastest, most reliable, and most convenient services possible.



Verio's custom built, telco grade data center occupies nearly 10,000 square feet of our 70,000 square foot corporate offices in the Blue Lake Corporate Center in Boca Raton, Florida.

The data center was designed from the ground up for maximum reliability. A small fortress was built within a fortress by building a concrete reinforced data center within a concrete reinforced corporate headquarters building.




These high security facilities are accessible by authorized personnel only. Access to the building requires electronic ID badges. Access to the data center is limited to top security personnel via electronic palm scanners.

Access to the network is equally as protected. The advanced firewall system keeps out those who don't belong, and network engineers monitor the systems 24 hours a day. Access to the network systems by any personnel is extremely limited and closely monitored to protect your valuable information.


The data center contains four individual server rooms, each of which can satisfy the hosting needs of over one million Web sites! No other hosting provider can match this infrastructure and scalability





Customer Web sites are hosted on dual-processor Silicon Graphics Origin 200 servers for unmatched speed and reliability. Each server is loaded with 256 to 512 MB of RAM, fast Cheetah hard drives and networked together with Foundry Networks Gigabit Ethernet Switches. These high-performance systems handle over 30,000,000 hits per day.



Verio, Inc.'s data center is connected to the Internet through three redundant T3 connections through separate connectivity providers (MCI, Sprint, and UUnet). Data is routed through these connections via Cisco 7505 series routers using the BGP4 protocol to automatically route traffic down the fastest route.




We take every step possible to ensure the reliability of our services. We are so confident about our systems that we guarantee our reliability with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. What makes us so reliable?

  • Multiple T3 connections
  • Uninterruptible power
  • Emergency backup power generator
  • RAID 4,5 storage drives
  • Daily tape backups


WEBSITES ONLINE, Inc. makes Web hosting easy! Our convenient online ordering makes it fast and easy to sign up for the world's #1 Web hosting service. As a Network Solutions Gold Partner, we can register your domain name with the InterNIC as quickly as possible. To make your Web site development and maintenance as convenient as possible, we can install the Microsoft FrontPage 2002 server extensions in your account FREE of charge.



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