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Access Control
Password protection for web access to directories and files

You can assign unique userids and passwords to control access to various web pages. An example of this function is apparent when you access your own Control Panel -- each time you are prompted for your id and password. The actual web pages are not password protected, but rather the directory in which they reside.

A software developer is making several programs available via the web, but only those visitors which have paid for the service should be allowed access to the download page. To control access, the page is placed in a directory which is password protected. Instead of distributing a single password, unique userids and passwords are assigned and removed as needed.

How to use:

  1. Create the directory you wish to password protect
  2. Select the link titled, "Edit Access" in your Control Panel
  3. Enter the name of the directory and click "Load"

The first time you use this function, the page will reload and the "Add/Modify user" option will appear toward the bottom of the page. If you have already added users, the option to "Remove user" will also appear.

A list of userids will be updated and displayed as you maintain the list. Create a new HTML document or copy an existing one into the directory and try loading the page from a web browser. If a password is required, you've done your job correctly!

Do not attempt to password protect any system directories such as "stats" or "cgi-local". Edit Access CANNOT be used to create additional FTP userids and passwords.

Search this site by typing in your search term then click the search button.

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