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File Manager

The File Manager is located within your account Control Panel and can be used to set read/write permissions on files and directories within your web site.

To inhibit access to specific directories within your web site from anonymous FTP visitors, you need to set public read access OFF for each of these directories. This will prevent anonymous visitors from being able to download files within such a directory. This does NOT affect web access.

First locate the desired directory name within the File Manager. In the following example, the directory named "HTML" is set to public read access ON:

  • del pr pw HTML ... Public read access ON

To set public read access OFF for the directory HTML, click the checkbox titled "pr" to remove the check mark as illustrated below.

  • del pr pw HTML ... Public read access OFF

Do NOT change permissions on system directories. (i.e. bin, cgi-local, dev, etc, stats). If you set public read access OFF for an entire directory, you do NOT need to do so for individual files within that directory. Now that your subdirectories are protected, you will need to set public read access OFF for files within your root directory that you wish to protect as well.

In the following example, the File Manager is used to protect the main home page:

  • del pr pw index.htm ... Public read access OFF

Although the File Manager can be used to inhibit access to other files within the root directory of your web site as well, setting public read access OFF does not remove file names from the FTP directory/file listing. To remove files from the root listing, you can move all HTML files with the exception of the main home page (i.e. index.htm) to a subdirectory and set public read access OFF for the entire subdirectory. Do NOT move system files such as .forward and .procmailrc .

*** Important ***
If you enable public write access (PW) for any file while ANON FTP access is enabled, visitors can overwrite related files.


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