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Mail Forwarding

By default, ALL mail is set up to automatically forward to the email address that was provided when your account was set up. This email address is called the "default" mail forwarding address. This address can be changed in Email Settings within your Control Panel. By default, you do not need to set specific forwarding options for specific addresses associated with your domain name. (e.g. webmaster@yourname.com, sales@yourname.com, etc.) as long as you want any and all email addressed to your domain name to go to your default email address.

You can also set up to 10* specific mail forwarding options for email addresses which are to forward to an address other than the default. You can easily do this from your account Control Panel.

The 10 rows are reserved for specific mail forwarding options. For example, if your default forwarding address is at AOL, but you want sales@yourdomain.com to forward to an address at CompuServe, your mail forwarding options would look like so:

All e-mail not specifically forwarded will be sent to:

@yourdomain Forwards to:

*** Important ***

  • You do NOT need to list the usernames that you wish to forward to the to the default address in the 10 rows. This is actually redundant.
  • Also, only list a single e-mail address within each box. Attempting to forward mail to more than one address (e.g. Forwards to: bill@aaaa.com, bob@aaaa.com, barb@bbbb.net) may cause problems. The E-mail Settings interface is NOT configured to handle multiple forwarding addresses.

Forwarding E-mail received from an Additional Domain Name (Domain Pointer)

If you wish to be able to receive e-mail addressed to a Domain Pointer, you will need to set up a mail forwarding option for your original domain account as follows:

@yourdomain Forwards to:

In this example, any e-mail addressed to your additional domain, xyz.com, would get forwarded to user@compuserve.com.

*Additional mail forwarding fields can be added at a rate of $1 per month.




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