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Secure Transactions

The secure environment refers to the transmission of information from web browser to web server. If you have a link to an order form, for example, from your home page, you would need to use a URL similar to following:

  • https://wwwXX.rapidsite.net/<userid>/form.htm   (XX = server number)

The "s" in https:// suggests an SSL related file. Substitute the path to the order form starting with user directory name. If your account resides on server #2, you would need to use https://www02.rapidsite.net/<userid>/form.htm or 03, 04, etc. respectively depending on which server the secure form resides.

If the secure form calls a cgi script, you must also reference that script securely.

  • e.g.   <form method="post" action="https://wwwXX.rapidsite.net/<userid>/cgi-local/order.cgi">

Note: Upgrading to a High Volume account requires a change of web server. In such instances, users will need to update their HTML to reflect the new server number.

Retrieving Data From Server

As mentioned above, the secure environment refers to the transmission of information between web browser and web server. We suggest that you have a script written to save the submitted form content to a text file. In so doing, you can reference the text via secure URL and retrieve its content (e.g. credit card information) securely via the web thus completing the loop.

  • e.g.   https://wwwXX.rapidsite.net/<userid>/datafile.txt  

To protect the data from unauthorized web surfers, you can store the data file(s) in a password protected directory.

An alternative is to have the submitted form content sent to you via email. If your form references a custom script, you will need to reference the script securely. We have not implemented a solution for encrypting email.

Using cgiemail and SSL

If you are using cgiemail in conjunction with a secure form, you will need to reference the script (see below) and "success" URL securely. (The "success" URL is the web page you want to display after the email is successfully sent.) Please note that using cgiemail securely is merely giving users a false sense of security. Although the information the user enters into the form gets transmitted securely to our computers, the resulting email message that gets sent from our computers to you is not encrypted and therefore not secure.

  • <form method="post" action="https://wwwXX.rapidsite.net/cgi-bin/cgiemail/<userid>/mailtemp.txt">

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