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Installing Matt's WWWBoard Script


WWWBoard is an interactive message board which can add new dimension to an otherwise two-dimensional web site. WWWBoard visitors can post new messages and allows others to respond directly beneath the original post. The site webmaster will have password protected access to an administrative interface to maintain board content.

WWWBoard Generator

In light of this script's popularity, we have installed a program generator to eliminate manual installation efforts. To install the WWWBoard script within your web site, simply access your account Control Panel and select the WWWBoard Installer option.

*** Important ***
The WWWBoard Installer will overwrite previously installed WWWBoard scripts.

Special Notes

  • You can modify the wwwboard.html file to meet your own design standards, but do NOT remove the <!--begin--> tag which tells the Perl script where to insert new entries.
  • Admin script URL: http://www.yourdomain.com/cgi-local/wwwadmin.pl
  • Installation notes are available if you need to modify the script.


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