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CyberCash’s Secure Internet Credit Card Service delivers a safe, real-time solution for merchant processing of credit card payments over the Internet. The Credit Card Service lets any consumer with a valid credit card buy from any CyberCash enabled merchant. Designed to integrate fully with existing transaction processing systems used by banks and other financial institutions, the service provides automated and instantaneous authentication, enabling order processing to traverse the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Consumers Benefits:

  • Safe, private and easy to use. Protected by the highest allowed levels of Internet encryption with assured authentication.
  • Use existing Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover. No special credit cards are necessary.
  • Complete on-line payments

Merchant Benefits:

  • Real-time authorization and settlement
  • Receive payments instantly and secure
  • No need to maintain expensive phone or fax operations
  • Open 24 hours a day

CyberCash Cash Register (Merchant Administration Server):

Along with enabling secure on-line payments, the CyberCash Cashregister provides all the functions and tools necessary for managing transactions.


  • Wallet Works with Multiple Platforms: the consumer CyberCash wallet runs on Windows and Macintosh
  • Supports Major Credit Cards: customers can shop with MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover cards issued world wide
  • Available at thousands of Banks: CyberCash currently provides service to credit card processors - such as FDC, GPS, NOVA, Checkfree and Wells - which can provide service to any merchant and its bank
  • Strong Encryption: 1024-bit RSA and 56-bit DES provide the strongest protection legally available.


  • Real-Time, automatic sales 24 hours a day: all processes are carried out from your web site without manual intervention. Transactions occur within 15 to 20 seconds. Consumers have more payment options, so sales are increased
  • Inexpensive to integrate: because the CyberCash Credit Card Service works with over 80% of existing merchant banks, most merchants can continue their established banking and order-processing procedures.
  • A Complete Solution: to those who have a multiple order sources and need a single source for payment processing, CyberCash offers flexibility. The software reliably handles purchases, returns, credits, voids and other administrative functions.
  • Protects Against Fraudulent Use: Strong encryption consumer authentication and merchant authentication keep unauthorized individuals from obtaining credit information.

Transaction logging and reporting:

To support balancing, reporting and other back-office functions, the Cashregister software automatically logs every transaction in a powerful database. All critical payment information remains in encrypted form. An easy to use, web based reporting feature provides password protected visibility into this transaction level information. To zero in on a problem a merchant can:

  • Select all or single card types (MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover)
  • Select all or specific transactions to be included (up to 200)
  • Search the entire log or select a specific date range
  • Search for a specific dollar amount or an amount range

Remote Management:

Because many Internet store fronts are maintained by third parties such as Rapidsite, the CyberCash Cashregister provides merchants with a web based remote access to its many management features, including:

  • Remote queries against transaction logs
  • Merchant-initiated transaction entry (sales, credits, voids etc.)
  • End of day balancing for both terminal and host-based systems.




The CyberCash setup process

Please note that if you wish to use the CyberCash walletless interface with the secure SSL server, you will be required to obtain your own Verisign server certificate. You will not be able to use our server certificate with the CyberCash Walletless interface. Please refer to the following page for complete information on how to obtain your own Verisign server certificate.

According to the following URL from the CyberCash web site, there are 6 steps required to complete the entire CyberCash Credit Card Merchant setup. *Please note that we do not provide CyberCoin Merchant accounts, we only offer the CyberCash Credit Card Merchant accounts.


Step One

"Financial Institutions". This step is performed by you or the webmaster of your domain. Notify your bank that you are interested in accepting credit cards using CyberCash. If your bank does not set up merchant credit card accounts for CyberCash, you can e-mail CyberCash: bank@cybercash.com to request CyberCash to speak with your bank on your behalf. You can also refer to the following URL of the CyberCash domain for a list of CyberCash Partner Financial Institutions.


Step Two

"Credit Card Agreement". This step is performed by you or the webmaster of your domain. You will need to submit a "Credit Service Agreement", complete the online registration form to register for the CyberCash credit card service. Please refer to the following URL of the CyberCash domain for the "Credit Service Agreement"


Step Three

"Download Cash Register". This step is performed by us. We have a separate server that has the CyberCash Cash register software installed. We will create a Merchant Administration Server account for you on our CyberCash server:


The Merchant Administration Server account is where you will perform your various merchant tasks such as process Orders, Voids and Returns. You can also review any Order Status as well as enter Direct Credit Card Input for manual order taking. Please refer to the following URL of the CyberCash domain for the complete on-line Merchant Administration Server users guide:


Step Four

"Public Key Exchange". This step is also performed by us. We will generate your public encryption key. We will then contact CyberCash, who will create your private encryption key on their servers. Please refer to the bottom of this page for the information that you must provide us for the creation of your encryption key.

After this step is completed, you will receive three e-mail messages from our Technical Support. The first e-mail will contain your user id and password for your Merchant Administration Server account on our CyberCash server (see step three above). The other e-mails will contain two CyberCash Perl scripts, invoice.cgi and pay-to.cgi. These scripts are provided by CyberCash and are to be used in the creation of your html store front (see step five below).

Step Five

"Merchant Support Area". This step is performed by you or the webmaster of your domain. This involves the creation of your html store front and the integration of your CyberCash scripts that you place into your /cgi-local directory. You will need to use Perl scripts to communicate between the html store front on your domain and your Merchant Administration Server account on our CyberCash server. The integration of the CyberCash scripts into your html store front will require additional Perl programming. Once you have your html store front completed, you will need to perform some "test" transactions to make sure that everything is functioning correctly.

Please refer to the following URL of the CyberCash domain for additional information concerning the use of CyberCash with your html store front and to download additional CyberCash Perl scripts:


Please refer to the following URL of the CyberCash domain for the Merchant Support Area. This is where you can find additional information on integrating the CyberCash software into your html store front:


If you require additional assistance with the integration of your html store front and your CyberCash scripts, please refer to the following URL of the CyberCash domain for the Merchant Development Partners:


As an alternative, you can use third party html store front products that include a CyberCash interface. One such product that we offer is Mercantec SoftCart. SoftCart includes a CyberCash interface that can be used in place of the CyberCash Perl scripts. This interface does not require any additional Perl programming.


Step Six

"Announce Yourself". This step is performed by you or the webmaster of your domain. This involves "going live" with your store. When your testing procedure is complete, CyberCash will contact you via e-mail stating that your test transactions were received correctly. You would then send an e-mail confirmation to CyberCash with a 25 word description of your site. You will then receive a final e-mail from CyberCash that states to switch your Merchant Administration Server account from "Debug" mode to "Live" mode. Please forward that e-mail to Technical Support. Our system programmers will change that setting in your Merchant Administration Server account configuration file.

These steps are detailed completely on the following URL of the CyberCash site:


Required Information:

To start the CyberCash installation process we require the following information:

1. Domain name

2. UserID

3. Processor:

  • American Express
  • CheckFree Corporation
  • First Data Corporation
  • First USA/Paymentech, Inc
  • Global Payment Systems
  • National Processing Company
  • NOVA Information Systems, Inc.
  • Vital Processing Services

Please refer to the following URL of the CyberCash domain for a current list of CyberCash Participating Processors:


4. AuthType:

AuthCapture (FDC does NOT support AuthCapture for CyberCash)

  • will automatically check the credit card for authorization at the time of transaction
  • will automatically process the transfer of funds from the credit card holder at the time of transaction
  • best suited for use by a store front that is offering non-tangible items, for example on-line information or on-line access.


  • will check the credit card for authorization during the ordering process
  • will not automatically process the transfer of funds from the credit card holder at the time of transaction
  • the orders are batched for manual processing. All batched orders that are not manually processed within 24 hours will become void
  • best suited for use by a store front that is offering tangible items that must be delivered. This eliminates the need to void transactions when items are out of stock.

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