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Mercantec's SoftCart v3.0

We are pleased to announce the availability of Mercantec's SoftCart v3.0 electronic commerce software in conjunction with our powerful yet affordable web hosting plans. This valuable collaboration allows retailers to easily implement a fully integrated and secure on-line shopping environment that is an easy, safe and enjoyable experience for consumers.

Mercantec SoftCart v3.0 Features

  • gives users total control over site design and layout
  • uses advanced session tracking to implement a virtual 'shopping cart'
  • calculates sales tax and shipping costs in real time, including line item support for Tax/Non-Tax items.
  • integrates with secure on-line payment systems
  • automatically directs orders to multiple recipients, files, and applications
  • includes integrated index and search functions
  • supports SoftCart add-on modules
  • Page Generator automatically creates static store catalog pages, searchable by all major public search engines
  • Dynamic Elements & Template Flexibility - SoftCart comes with templates for four working storefronts. Web pages may also include dynamic elements that look up product.
  • Customer Receipt Module.
  • Integrated Survey Form.
  • API Links & Interfaces - API's for product database and delivery and links to payment interfaces are available.
  • Database Supported Formats - SoftCart supports all flat (ASCII) files and custom databases (in .dll or .so format) linked to SoftCart through the Product API including ODBC databases (for Windows NT) provided as a SoftCart sample file. (Windows NT features are not currently available)
  • Extended Product Database Format - The product database has an unlimited number of distinct fields to accommodate all varieties of product descriptions used in site design, such as long and short descriptions, SKU, and whether the item is or is not taxable.
  • Extensive documentation - a 111 page Word document accompanies each SoftCart installation.

Mercantec SoftCart v3.0 Availability
The Mercantec SoftCart v3.0 software can be added to any of our Corporate Plan or higher accounts. The software may be purchased outright or leased on a monthly basis.

If you have additional questions about our Mercantec SoftCart service, please contact our sales department.

To learn more about Mercantec, visit their Web site at http://www.mercantec.com.


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