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Websites Online™ Inc. Pro / Business Web Hosting

Websites Online™, Inc. Hosting provides a full range of web and domain hosting services to an international customer base. We specialize in reliable high-speed UNIX servers, and offer a number of value-added services to bring out the best from your online presence.
We support a wide selection of server applications and database platforms, as well as offering a full range of e-commerce solutions designed to get your business online, and trading.


FreeBSD Web Hosting Plans & Prices

Suggested Retail:
  Monthly charge $19.95 $39.95 $54.95 $99.95 $149.95
  One-time setup fee $50 $50 $50 $50 $50
Email Services
  POP3 mailboxes 6 21 31 41 51
  E-mail forwarding options 10 20 20 30 40
  E-mail autoresponders 10 20 20 30 40
Technical Features:
  Data transfer (MB/mo.) 2,500 5,000 9,000 15,000 20,000
  Disk storage (MB) 50 200 400 650 800
  Your own Domain Name X X X X X
  FrontPage 2002 extensions (optional) X X X X X
  Multiple DS3, OC3, OC12 and OC48 Connections X X X X X
  Dual-processor SGI servers X X X X X
  Cisco routers using BGP4 protocol X X X X X
  UPS power back-up X X X X X
  Daily tape back-ups X X X X X
  Detailed web statistics X X X X X
  Access to raw log files X X X X X
  24/7 access to your account X X X X X
  Account "Control Panel" X X X X X
  24/7 technical support X X X X X
  Extensive online documentation X X X X X
  30 day money back guarantee X X X X X
  99.9% guaranteed uptime X X X X X
  Anonymous FTP - - X X X
CGI Capabilities
  Pre-installed counter script X X X X X
  Pre-installed form-to-email script X X X X X
  Guestbook installer X X X X X
  WWWBoard installer X X X X X
  Your own cgi-local directory - X X X X
  Perl, C, Unix SH, KSH, CSH, Python - X X X X
  FREE Excite! search engine - - X X X
  FREE real-time chat - - X X X
  FREE random link generator - - X X X
  *PHP is installed as a CGI accessed through a handler - files using PHP4 should be named .php or .php4. This means no CGI-local directory is needed to facilitate the action statement of your PHP scripts. Database support is NOT provided on the Basic FreeBSD plan. Please call support if questions.
Multimedia Support
  TrueSpeech X X X X X
  Midi file support X X X X X
  Many supported MIME types X X X X X
  RealAudio & RealVideo - - - X X
E-commerce Capabilities
  SSL Secure Server - - X X X
  Support for 3rd party commerce solutions - - - X X
Database Access
  PHP4.3.1, MySQL.pm, DBI, ODBC - - X X X
  MySQL database support - - X X X
  Control Panel interface to database tables - - X X X



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