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Website Design Considerations

bullet     Professional Internet Presence Websites and Domain Hosting (www.your-name.com)

    Professional web design, redesign, hosting, and SEO


    Advanced hosting features from Verio, the largest hosting company in the world.


    Web site promotion. Before selecting any SEO promoter, read this Google article at http://www.google.com/webmasters/seo.html)


    Multiple T1 Internet connections


    Powerful Silicon Graphics servers


    Guaranteed reliability


    Excellent 24/7 customer service and support

bullet     Internet Advertising Solutions
bullet     View the Verio's Global Tier 1 IP Network. Click here

1.  Designing -  Your Web Site

"Your website is the most important image your company projects in cyberspace"

Our variety of web design styles has earned the respect and admiration from our existing clients. We can turn your existing promotional materials into an interactive Web experience.

  •    Planning Your Web Site

We prepare a plan for your site to complement your marketing objectives, determining the audience you wish to reach and the scale of the site. We also look ahead to your future requirements before beginning to design and create your Website.

  •    Creating Your Web Site

We work with you to decide upon the content, structure and creative approach of your Site. We then bring together all the information, which will appear on the Site, and prepare a design and text, which will promote your product(s) and service(s) with maximum effectiveness. Hence, we'll give your business the ULTIMATE Website and the credit it deserves.
The World-Wide-Web can also be a source of input to your business. World-Wide-Web pages have the capability to present to the user a Form Page. You can use these pages to have users fill out any kind of information you wish to gather. You could get information about your customers like name, address, age, etc. You could use these forms to qualify leads. The type and use of World-Wide-Web pages is unlimited.
Again, depending on the nature of your business, we would also create a Form Page for your Website that could provide you with the right type of information for greater success and profitability.

  •    Planning Your Web Site

We collect 50 percent of the initial estimated design charges when you commission us to design your Website, and the remaining 50 percent 30 days after the Website is published on the Internet. During that 30 days the website will be polished and finalized to your satisfaction.
All Hosting charges are paid annually or semi-annually. However, we also offer 2 months FREE to any of our clients who would choose to prepay their hosting fees annually.
All extra modification charges beyond the monthly free maintenance charges are invoiced and are due upon receipt.

2.  HOSTING - Placing your Website on the Internet

" Every Website needs a home!"

Once we have completed development of your Website to your total satisfaction, and it has earned your seal of approval to represent your business in Cyberspace, your Website will be up-loaded onto one of our HIGH speed Silicon-Graphics Servers. For optimum response time, all of our Servers are connected to the Internet via three HIGH speed dual T-3 connections.
Also, all of our Servers are mirrored, so you’ll never have to worry about down time or people not being able to access your Web Site. If for any reason one of our Servers goes down, the mirrored server will take its place until the original one becomes fully functional again.


"More exposure means more sales!"

Obviously, without a solid ad campaign to promote your Website on the Internet, you will not be able to reach your potential prospects and market your products and services to your audience.
We promote your Website to increase your on-line exposure. By using our special proprietary methods, we insure that your Website will score high on dozens of highly popular search engines and directories such as Yahoo, Infoseek, Excite, Lycos, AltaVista, WebCrawler and many others totaling over 1600 Search Engines, Regional Directories, and News-Groups.
By enhancing, communicating, and promoting your Business image with aggressive and visionary concepts, we maximize your opportunities for success.
As a part of our complete package, we will give your Web Site the most effective advertising campaign possible on the World Wide Web. We use regular monthly updates to improve placement and higher ranking within each Search Engine; thereby increasing targeted traffic to your Website. We insure that your Website becomes a showcase for an audience of about 270 million viewers 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

  •   Basic Website Promotion - (ala carte)

We offer our clients an expanded Internet Promotional Service for $35 dollars/month. This invaluable Promotional Service includes monthly updates of your Website and submission to the major Search Engines, Regional Directories, News Groups and any special interest Search Engine that may be appropriate for your institution, organization or business.

  •   Total Website Promotion - Annual Subscription

For the finest program, you can arrange to have your Website updated on a regular monthly basis. This premier service provides the monthly search engine submissions as well as minor modifications required for your site. It's an affordable way to provide Web surfers with a reason to return to your site regularly. Signing up for the annual package, and receive 2 months free. $350 per year.

We do of course, offer FREE Website revisions during the first 30 days.
With sensible web design, attractive content, and rigorous Internet promotions, Websites Online, Inc. can help you achieve your on-line goals.

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